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I’m Varun Uday, a passionate entrepreneur making waves in the wedding industry. As a serial entrepreneur and the creator of the Forum – Global Wedding Network, I connect wedding business owners worldwide for powerful collaborations. Raised in vibrant Thrissur and settled in Bangalore, I draw inspiration from my cultural roots and the thriving business community around me. Through my journey, I’ve realized that collective growth and collaboration are keys to success. That’s why I developed the Forum – Global Wedding Network, providing tools, resources, and connections for wedding professionals to thrive globally. Together, we’ll unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and create unforgettable experiences for couples worldwide. I’m excited to partner with you, leveraging my entrepreneurial expertise to help you achieve your goals. Let’s forge lasting partnerships, inspire one another, and shape the future of the wedding industry. Join me on this incredible adventure!

Mr. Varun Uday is Born in Palakkad District & raised in Thrissur, & settled with his wife in Bangalore, Karnataka. His alma mater is basically with a tech background  Started the career as a Java Faculty then moved on to the management sector and then to own entrepreneurship journey and he has also taken a degree in Business administration. Mr. Varun Uday has started his entrepreneurship during his college days where he used to sell books just to experience how the business works and moreover he had good support from his friends and mates during that time of studies . One of his Friend in college has given the trigger on the business idea initially and in his family only his uncle has doing some business as part time except that no family business background. Before he has come to proper entrepreneurship journey he had got to work with Electronics Corporation of India Limited’s education wing  named as ECIT as a Java Faculty  and with his style of action and implementation he could achieve the better position during his employment as Centre Head with charge of two centres of ECIT in a very minimum time period. During those days he worked hard to make centre profitable along with team mates came up with new ideologies and methodologies were he had a good time success.

In 2009 Mr. Varun Uday had to work more towards his career and he was more keen to build his own empire and in 2010 he happened to get acquainted with one of his associate and started the journey of entrepreneurship in 2010 began with the idea of Event Management .   In 2017 he moved to Bangalore city to excel in his entrepreneurship. 

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To Build a Good Business Community in the Event and Wedding Industry. • To Contribute Back to the Society in a responsible way by forming a Social Responsible Team. • To Support Business Youth to start Innovative Business and Contribute towards the economy and development of the country


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Mr. Varun Uday during his successful journey of entrepreneurship has helped many startups especially in the event industry to setup their process and guided them to move forward in a steady way. He has given mentorship to various individuals who seeks guidance in choosing career related to Tourism , Hospitality and Event sectors. He when compared to any other mentor he has own ways to guide and help the individual after checking the needs will give the solutions.Varun Uday, never giving a break,  started organizing Morale and  Motivational sessions over Zoom  application panels, taking  responsibility of providing good spirits and leading the sector, personally. He is the first person available for Panel Discussions , Motivational Sessions and Networking Events whichever the event he is been invited. He has an amazing capability of conceptualizing the events based on the client’s need which can grab attention.  In his venture of CEVEX , there many IPs which his eminent contribution lead to its success.Varun Uday has a special skill set of motivating people which will energize people who badly seeks motivation for their life . He has the following quotes which he himself has given message to the society through Social Media in his page.


Mr. Varun Uday, a visionary with a passion for destination weddings, aims to boost India’s tourism industry. He has formed the Global Wedding Network (GWN) with various verticals to support and promote destination weddings. Additionally, he envisions promoting domestic tourism and working with the Indian government as a Tourism Development Board Consultant to make Indian tourism the best in the world. Mr. Varun Uday is also the Chapter Head of the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals, focusing on the promotion of destination weddings and connected tourism.

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What My Clients Say

"Varun Uday is an exceptional speaker with a profound understanding of the travel and tourism industry. His presentations are not only engaging but also packed with valuable insights. I have attended several of his events, and each time, I walked away feeling inspired and motivated to explore new horizons in the world of travel. Varun's meticulous planning and attention to detail make him a remarkable business professional in the field of event management. Highly recommended!"

Jon Bruno Executive Director at TIES

"I had the pleasure of hearing Varun Uday speak at a recent conference, and I must say he is an outstanding orator. His ability to captivate the audience with his well-researched content and persuasive delivery is truly commendable. Varun's expertise in travel and tourism shines through his speeches, as he effortlessly combines industry knowledge with real-life experiences. His exceptional organizational skills also reflect in his event management ventures. Varun Uday is definitely a force to be reckoned with in both spheres."

kitzia morales Founder KGroup Wellbeing Meetings & IADWP

"Varun Uday's presentations on travel and tourism are nothing short of brilliant. As a seasoned speaker, he knows how to connect with the audience, making each session interactive and informative. Varun's insights into the industry are invaluable, and he effortlessly shares his vast knowledge in a manner that is both relatable and engaging. Additionally, his meticulous approach to event management showcases his ability to plan and execute successful gatherings. I would highly recommend Varun Uday to anyone seeking an exceptional speaker and a well-organized business professional."

Murtaza Kalender Founder and CEO at TravelShop Turkey & Murtis Tour

"Varun Uday is an exemplary speaker who has a deep understanding of the travel and tourism sector. His speeches are not only well-researched but also delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Varun's ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and relatable manner is truly commendable. Moreover, his expertise in event management is evident from the flawless execution of his own events. Whether you are looking for an inspiring speaker or a meticulous business professional, Varun Uday should be your go-to person."

Rosemary Enie Consultant at RisXcel UK Ltd
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